Honey has been used for several millennial for various purposes ranging from medical to medicinal reasons.. This wonderful gift given to us from bees has been used for centuries as an antibacterial, as an antiseptic as it helps to heal wounds, soothe burns, rids the body of harmful bacteria and as a bonus, it supplies energy to the body. Honey has been used in inventive ways, and a new creative method is by mixing it with pure CBD. You get the best of both worlds that way.



A CBD honey stick is potent incorporation of honey and CBD into sticks or straws. It is a honey stick that is like a tube-like casing that is a filled with pure honey and CBD. Because they have the feel and size of a straw, they are travel-friendly as they can easily be thrown into your bag or purse. They are made for on-the-go use. For those who love to ingest their CBD orally but do not have much interest in using a vape pen or dabbing, this is an amazing alternative for them.


As we all know that honey is an amazing source of energy, honey sticks are the best snacks for long trips, long hikes, runs, concerts and any other energy consuming activity. The use of CBD honey sticks is very easy and uncomplicated. You just need to remove the CBD stick and bite off the end of the tube. You then suck on the tube like a straw to enjoy the goodness and richness of both the honey and the CBD.  Another way to enjoy the goodness of this honey stick is by incorporating it with other flavors. A honey stick can be used just like honey and be added to your other foods like cereal, yoghurt, tea or even breakfast bread. This provides diversity so you can enjoy your honey sticks in different styles. You can check out what we mean here