CBD Tincture Oils – benefits and how to use them

Tincture oils are one of the most underrated and best cannabis delivery methods. With very minimal effort, you get an efficient and fast dosage of medicine. Although they date back to ancient times, lots of people are still very much unfamiliar with this delivery method. If you are intrigued and eager to learn of this cool ingestion method, here is a short but informative read:

How to make use of cannabis tinctures

There are about three ways to make use of cannabis tinctures. You can add to your dish, ingest sublingually, or drop straight into your mouth. If you are one that loves to feel the effects faster and stronger too, then maybe go the sublingual way. Simply drop the right dosage under your tongue, wait about 30 seconds then swallow.
Furthermore, the easiest way to use tincture oils is by dropping into your mouth and swallowing. Now, you won’t feel the effect as quickly as administering through the sublingual method. It’s going to take close to what it takes edibles to feel it.
Finally, you can consume cannabis tinctures by dropping whatever dosage you want to take into your beverage or food. This also takes effect as long as the edibles.

Why you should try tinctures

As we stated above, there are lots of advantages to consume tinctures over other ways of taking cannabis. We have compiled some amazing benefits you get from consuming Cannabis tinctures below:
Accurate dosing: If you take cannabis in form of edibles or concentrates, you can easily take more than the dosage you necessarily need. With tinctures, you use a few drops at a time till you get the effect you desire.
If you are one that dislikes vaping or smoking cannabis, you are better off using cannabis tinctures.
When applied through the sublingual route, you get a long-lasting effect.
Discrete: You don’t get that cannabis smell with a glass bottle and a dropper (tincture). They look just like any medicine out there.
With cannabis tinctures, you get the medicinal effects of the plant without having to smoke. They are recommended for people trying to use heavier dosages. 420PCR has a wide selection of CBD tinctures. You get access to drops and sprays available in different flavors for consistency at our shop.